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To buy filament please follow the links below to our distributors.

For our high quality dynamic range of materials including PLA, ABS, HIPS, PET-G and Graphene enriched filaments.

EMAKER have been in the 3D Print Industry for years and introduced the Huxley and helped setup RepRapPro, which together have made printers affordable to the masses.

You can buy and find out more information at www.emaker.io

Forefront Filament

Forefront Filament are based in the UK and have developed polyolefin 3D printing filaments for functional parts, models and prototypes.

Polyolefins (Polypropylene PP & Polyethylene PE) are used and trusted the world over in food packaging, sports clothing and medical applications, to name a few. Forefront has engineered the unique property set of polyolefins into a range of filaments specifically for 3D printing, then matched them to a bed plate material (supplied with the products) to create a unique 3D printing system.

Compatible with a wide range of filament 3D printers, and designed to be used in engineering and home-use applications, their filaments are water and moisture resistant, are clean and easy to print with and are recyclable.  A Graphene version is also available.

Properties include:

  • High quality, impact resistant prints – non-brittle parts with no stress whitening
  • Water & moisture resistant
  • High-temperature performance
  • Low density – lightweight
  • No odours in use
  • Free from styrene, isocyanate, esters, phthalates, butadiene or bisphenol A
  • High resistance to household chemicals including bleach
  • Recyclable

You can buy and find out more information at www.forefrontfilament.co.uk