Since 2004, Amphilogic has established a reputation for innovative Research and Development in wide selection of markets.

The Research and Development team at Amphilogic are currently working with partners worldwide to further enhance our 3D filament product range. This includes innovative approaches to known industry shortcomings in addition to the delivery of truly bespoke products.

Our mantra is that “nothing is impossible” and we enjoy the opportunity to prove this.

Highlighted by work currently undertaken to develop a low melt point and repairable filament for the medical sector and a conductive material suitable for “real” electronics, in addition to several other on-going commissioned projects.

If you have a vision and want to share it with us, please do. We adhere to the principle of utter confidentiality and enjoy making a difference. We are there when everyone else is telling you it can’t be done. Contact us, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.